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A Holistic Wellness Coach
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Meet Kim

Do you want to be a Master of Self?

Medicine Wheel Coaching - My Medicine Wheel, Animal Guides, Feather-Speaking the Truth,Arrrows-Focus, Colors-All Nations
Meet Kim Robertson
Professional Qualifications


Master Youth Parent Family Coach

Master Addiction Recovery Coach

Certified Professional Coach


Accredited Associate Certified Coach-International Coaching Federation

Master Spiritual Coach


Health Coach

Life Coach


Master Certified Coach

Master Group Coach

Intuitive Life Coach


Life Coach


Team Coach

Laser Coach

About Me.


I was drawn to coaching because I discovered it was my vocation and I find joy in witnessing people's transformation from a state of, “indirection” to “focus”, and from “feeling powerless” to “feeling empowered”. My passion lies in assisting individuals who desire to break free from inaction and lack of results. Through my combined experience, diverse Coach training, and specialized Holistic Wellness tools and skills, I help my clients take action to move towards their fullest potential in both personal and professional aspects of their lives.

Dragonfly -Symbolizes Transformation, Change, Self Realization, Emotional /Mental Maturity, Understanding Deeper Meaning

On my personal holistic wellness journey of focusing on Soul recovery, building emotional intelligence, strengthening physical wellness and mental resiliency, I have gathered, tailored, and created unique Holistic Wellness tools that have strengthened me during my darkest moments of the Dark Night of the Soul and shadow work and which presently sustain me. These experiences have led me to pursue Holistic Wellness Coaching, where I can offer my professional coaching skills and intuitive abilities to help clients to inquire, reflect, and take action on the choices in their lives, various roles and parts of self.

Wolf - Symbolizes Trusting Your Intuition, Unity, Family, Leadeship,Power Couple, Freedom, Using Voice To Connect, Protection

This results in clients having a new awareness that allows them to redirect their focus from undesirable outcomes, to towards their North Star, be more in alignment of their core self and their vision and have a more positive inner narrative, telling a new story, changing their lives for the better.  Its about getting to the roots of who they truly want to be presently and where they want to go.

Dragon - Symbolizes 4 Elements, Power, Fearless, Rise  Above Issue, Protection,Independence,Self Confidence, Courage, Balance

My own story of survival to thriving, healing from trauma, and transitioning from co-dependence to the journey of self-mastery, along with the unresolved traumas of my family members and ancestors, inspired me to provide services to help bridge the gaps in Holistic wellness services available to all individuals.


What is Medicine Wheel Coaching?

What is, " Medicine Wheel?

You may have heard of the quote by Hermes Trismegistus , " As Above, So below, As Within So without, As the Universe, so the Soul".

This represents our relationship and interconnectedness to self, the universe and the world around us. This best describes the purpose of the Medicine Wheel.


The Medicine Wheel is sacred to Indigenous Peoples. Its concept is grounded from beliefs around the purpose of ancient circular spoked structures made from stone and items from mother nature. The Medicine Wheel is also known to Indigenous Peoples as, "Sacred Hoop" and "The Sundance Circle". 


When the teachings of the Medicine Wheel are applied, people begin to have inner union, marriage of our 4 parts of self-Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental, consciously creating wholeness, walking in balance, this is mirrored to the outer world around us. When we build on our personal Medicine Wheel  we begin to feel a sense of harmony as a result of all 4 parts of self aligning with each other and with the world around us.Its a tool that that can help navigate our self inquiry that leads to self discoveries and wholeness.


Medicine Wheel Coaching approaches individuals in each unique setting, with a fresh perspective that views all 4 parts of a person on their holistic wellness coaching journey.

The 4 parts of a person includes:

  •  Mental,

  • Emotional,

  • Spiritual 

  • Physical

It is my belief that in order for clients to get the most out of my coaching, it is important to educate on how each of our parts effect the whole person when coaching on any issue.

Issues can be, but not limited to:

  •  mental stresses

  •  emotional overwhelm,

  • physical fatigue,

  • spiritual disconnection,

  • feelings of stuckness in decision-making

  • relationship difficulties

  • mental clutter

  • health goals

  • work/career goals

  • organizational goals

  • social isolation

  • decluttering life

  • working through fears that block a persons personal or professional growth etc.

 These topics are delivered in various settings, which include:​

  • Team Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Youth, Parent/Family Coaching

  • Individual Coaching

Who can arrange coaching sessions with me:​

  • Parents

  • Employers

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Adults

As clients build on their personal Medicine Wheel and wellness tools with me, I coach the client towards any chosen goal, with meaningful, self-paced, intuitive, focused, purposeful, intentions. This approach supports sustainable change, for Medicine of the mind, body, emotions and spirit, improving their overall quality of life, at work, home and strengthen in all relations physically and spiritually. 

What Is Medicine Wheel Coaching?

Medicine Wheel Coaching Mission Statement:

Phoenix - Symbolizes Rising After Falling, Reinvention, Burning Away What No Longer Serves Your Inner Light,Transformation

Through Medicine Wheel Coaching Services, I strive to change the world for the better, servicing one client at a time.


My mission is to embark with each client on their journey to new horizons, by guiding them from unawareness into a new world of fresh perspectives and expanded awareness.


I commit to evolving through ongoing personal and professional development, offering evolutionary transformational coaching services to individuals, groups, teams, and businesses from all walks of life.


I aim to make a positive impact by having my clients refer their family, friends, and business connections to Medicine Wheel Coaching services.


My vision is to empower people from all walks of life with personalized Holistic Wellness tools and professional coaching:

  • Who want, are willing and open to positive change.

  • That Enables them to break free from the chains of their past.

  • That builds Confidence to navigate their path towards their True North.

  • That fosters faith in themselves and trust in their inner compass.

Raven - Symbolizes Messages From Spirit World, Evolve From Hurt, Pain to Enlightenment, Third Eye, Intelligence, Memory
Working With Me Can Help With

Improving Communication Skills, Strengthen Relationships, Build Workplace Morale and Teamwork


 Balancing within/without, master yourself, personal growth towards self actualization by using my Medicine Wheel Tool


Wellness Includes:

Reframing Limiting Mindsets and Mastering

Your Mind

Spiritual Wellness


Clearing Blockages to Higher Self 

Emotional Wellness

Includes: Mastery of Emotions, Develop Emotional Intelligence

Physical Wellness

Includes: Performance Goal Setting and Balancing Physical Needs


Groups, Families, Parents, Youth and


Working With Me Can Help YOU With


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