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Do you want to be a Master of Self?

Meet Kim Robertson
Intuitive Shadow-Hunter Coach
"a wise person with magical powers who helps people discover the hidden gold in themselves"

Are you tired of fears holding you back?

I am my clients number one cheerleader. My focus is 100% on my clients here and now and where they want to go. I am committed to being authentic, to providing professional services with best practices in my coaching style and whole heartedly dedicate myself to continually upgrade both professionally and personally so that I can provide the best possible outcomes for my clients.

A Way To Give Back

" Decolonization Coaching"

 A way for me to give back to our ancestors and the people before me who have shed their blood, lost their families, their lives and their cultural connections.


I have lived a life in the Shadows of fear, oppression, and invisibility, with no courage to speak up.


I have overcome these intergenerational trauma lessons and I commit to walking with you on your journey to self-discovery as you learn and grow with new mindsets that set you free.


Working With Me Can Help YOU With


Improving Communication Skills, Strengthen Relationships, Build Workplace Morale and Teamwork


 Benefit from my Medicine Wheel Tool=Balance within/without, master yourself, personal growth towards self actualization


Wellness Includes:

Reframing Limiting Mindsets and Mastering

Your Mind

Spiritual Wellness


Clearing Blockages to Higher Self 

Emotional Wellness

Includes: Mastery of Emotions, Develop Emotional Intelligence

Physical Wellness

Includes: Performance Goal Setting and Balancing Physical Needs


Groups, Families, Parents, Youth and



Kim is an incredible coach. Her talent and mastery to hold deep space and guide you through a deep transformation makes you feel like you are finally able to be heard and seen for who you feel truly are, and allowed to dream and pursue your desires in a way that makes you feel empowered and intuitively guided to trust Your heart while being guided by someone who can take you deeper into your truth. So much gratitude and appreciation for your work Kim!
~Sasha Lipskaia~