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Professional Qualifications
  • 3 Sessions

    Great For A Small Challenge-1 Break Through
    Valid for 3 weeks
    • 1hr-Free-Clarity Call-Before the 3 Sessions
    • Tools For Each Session
    • "1"-5min clarity phone call
    • Unlimited Emails
  • FREE 45min Session

    Introductory clarity call to discover if we're a good fit
    Free Plan
    • Insights to one of your blockages to a desired outcome
    • Get to know me and I get to know you
    • We discover if we are a good fit for each other
    • One on One Coaching
    • Intro to how the Medicine Wheel can help you reinvent self
    • Learn more about my service Packages
    • Discover a Custom Designed Package to Fit Your Needs
    • Learn all my alternative payment plans not listed
  • Deep Dive Package

    Every week
    This is for people who want to really dig in and transform
    Valid for 18 weeks
    • 1hr-Free-Clarity Call before the 18sessions
    • 18 sessions
    • Access to My Workshops-Free!
    • End Of Package Departing Gift!
    • Tools for All Sessions
    • "6"-10min clarity calls every 3 sessions
    • Every 3 sessions-1 week break
    • Access to V.I.P Materials
    • "1"-15min-bonus call-At-9weeks- Check-In-
  • 45min Laser Coaching

    Laser Style Coaching-Perfect for Targeting an issue quickly!
    • Free 1hr Consultation (Laser Coaching is not for everyone)
    • 45min Sessions For Quick Results
    • Tools
  • Promo-7 Sessions

    Every week
    Perfect for those who have 2 Small Challenges or 1 Deeper Di
     1 day free trial
    • 6 1hr Regular Sessions
    • 1hr Free Session Consultation
    • Unlimited Emails
    • 2 - 5 min phone Calls
    • Tools and Resources
  • Virtual 1hr Coaching

    Every week
    Great For People Who Don't Want Laser Coaching
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • 1hr Coaching
    • 1hr Complimentary Consultation
    • Tools and Resources
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