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Workshop Information

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About The Workshops

My workshops are custom designed to various topics and purposes. Some examples are, but not limited to: Holistic Wellness, Work/Life Balance, From Overload to Relaxation, Goal Setting, Strengthening Relatsionships, and Shadow Work-Develop Awareness and Acceptance Of All Parts of Self.

~5-Week Medicine Wheel Workshops that are designed to focus on each quadrant of Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness.  This includes weekly handouts, exercises, learning Indigenous ways of self care, self growth, new tools and new insights. Also included is 1 hr , 1-on-1 Coaching after the workshops.

Upcoming Workshops

Next scheduled Evolve You workshops being April 29th on, "Shadow Work". A 4 Week series on Saturdays at Trail Library. Limited to 8 participants. Must Register through the library.

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