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Kim is an incredible coach. Her talent and mastery to hold deep space and guide you through a deep transformation makes you feel like you are finally able to be heard and seen for who you feel truly are, and allowed to dream and pursue your desires in a way that makes you feel empowered and intuitively guided to trust Your heart while being guided by someone who can take you deeper into your truth. So much gratitude and appreciation for your work Kim!
~Sasha Lipskaia~

Kim is a fabulous coach and her passion is empowering youth! I work as a youth support worker and she gave me such great insight and inspiration. She is a very special lady with a big heart and she has a way of understanding the youth going thru cultural challenges.
~Amanda Potts~

Her compassionate nature made me feel very comfortable opening up to her. Not only did it seem like she was well educated on the topics, she is also very intuitive. She knew when to dig a little deeper and when to proceed. Kim has impressed me, time, and time again. She makes me feel comfortable and inspired to continue my self-improvement journey. She is the best!
~Brittany Bociung~

Kim is a great listener. She is patient and made me feel very comfortable. she has a natural warmth about her. Her skills as a coach were right on point.
~Manisha Gandhi~

Kim Robertson intertwines meaningful cultural tools with powerful coaching techniques that empower her clients to effectively identify goals and map out paths to achieving those goals. Utilizing guided visualization, she enables her clients to approach sessions with a sense of groundedness and fresh perspective. Coach Kim's guided approach fosters a sense of clarity and supports her clients as they lay the groundwork for reaching their objectives.

Elena Kroo, MPL, MPA, CMC, CPC

All of You Coaching Services

(she, they)

I recommend Kimberly Robertson wholeheartedly.
She is a gifted and intuitive coach and has a unique approach to her work involving an indigenous tradition of the medicine wheel, which involves balancing mind, body, emotions and spirit. In individual coaching, Kimberly enabled me to move forward with a second career, setting practical goals at the same time, expressing hidden but deeply felt desires to succeed. In group coaching, she was able to create a space where each participant felt accepted and cared for, allowing them to accomplish what they were searching for.
Her flexible, empathic and authentic approach will be a good fit for adolescents as well as adults.

Mary Pressman, M.D., Certified Coach and Child and Adult Psychiatrist

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Kim for several months and saw some great benefits.  Kim will meet you wherever you are on your journey and help you to understand what might be stopping your progress or what the next steps should be to get you back on track.   She has great insight and such a calming, non-judgemental presence that I found myself opening up because I felt so safe with her.   She helped me to do the work that I knew I needed to do but kept putting off.  She's truly a wonderful person and a great coach!
 Robin Howard
Manager, Learning & Development

1 Day Introduction To Medicine Wheel Coaching Workshop Testimonials

Learn a new way to have an honest look at anything!
~Jolene Chang~


"I learned a lot and feel empowered to make change"
Medicine Wheel Coaching Workshop  Participant

"Worth attending, a must experience for self" Rosemary Unger

"Very good intro to the interconnectedness of the sacred circle and what it can mean for us on a personal level. I'm excited to reflect more and dig deeper, but really needed this as encouragement and support to start."
Jacob Smith


"It could be helpful to think about the quadrants of your life in a new way"
Geoff Harrison


What is the most useable success strategy you gained from this workshop?
"Positive affirmations, keeping your wheel balanced, the interconnectedness"

5-Week Evolve Yourself Medicine Wheel Coaching Workshop Testimonials

"I love that it was a pleasant surprise. It was the most inspiring and uplifting class I'd ever been to."

~Shelby Leach~

Its very interesting to look into ourselves and promote change. I really enjoyed hearing others thoughts and the vulnerability was great."

~Chantal Lortie~

"Writing lots is powerful to empty my emotions and sort through stuff. Be open minded and take in what you get. Take it with a pound of salt"

~Don Birkenes~

"Buckle up your going to be wowed. Its ok to feel what we feel and with proper tools and self love we can grow and learn from them". ~Scotty~

"An excellent personal discovery! New Perspectives. Good for self exploration"

~Sandy Anderson~

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